About the Cabin

I was looking for an old Ontario Farmhouse in the Kingston area, preferably resting on the Canadian shield. My search led me to so many beautiful places in the Frontenac area. However, it was a pre-confederation log cabin that captured my heart. The cabin is actually two cabins that were built in the 1850’s and located in Lanark and Renfrew Counties. One was first used as a sheep barn (how appropriate) and the other was a blacksmith shop. In 1977 a couple commissioned Mel Shakespeare http://www.traditionhome.com/ to repurpose the cabins and build one large log home on 17 acres in the Oak Hills just north of Prince Edward County. Most of the materials needed to complete the project were locally sourced such as granite used in the foundation, the garage and both fireplaces. The couple, also planted 3,100 white pine trees on the property. The white pine are prospering along with poplar, hard maple, red maple, red oak, white birch, beech and other native trees. The forest is home to at least one black bear that visits each spring. I've seen it's large claw tracks along the two streams that run through the woodlot. Fox, owls, hares, coyotes, pileated wood peckers, numerous other birds, snakes, rare flying squirrels and a lone wolf have all been spotted. It's a wonderful wildlife wilderness right outside the cabin door.

3 things I didn’t know when I bought the property:
1/ The property is notable and has been featured in a number of magazines.
2/ Flying squirrels have claimed their section of the cabin.
3/ The cabin was haunted.

A picture of the cabin when it was a blacksmith shop.