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Bear Balls

I had plans to be in Provincetown for Bear Week. It was going to be 5 days of knitting with a great bunch of guys,  attend the opening of Ryan Cooke's new yarn and fabric shoppe, Purl http://www.ptownpurl.com/new-b..., and socialize with some of P-town's most welcomed guests, the Bears.  

Unfortunately, I had a conflict at work and had to change my plans. 

During the past week I have watched pictures of friends embrace Bear week. The emotion captured in these photos inspired this blog entry and triggered an urge for Bear Balls. 

The LGBTQ term, Bear usually refers to larger, hairier men who project an image of rugged hyper-masculinity. Writer George Mazzei is credited by many to be the first to write about Bears in an article for The Advocate magazine in 1979 called "Who's Who in the Zoo?" http://www.advocate.com/comedy...

Herculon "If I were a man, I'd wanna be a Bear"

Craig Byrnes created the Bear Pride  flag in 1995. While completing a Psych degree, Craig studied the evolution of the Bear culture. As part of his project, he created the Bear flag. The flag represents the fur colours of Bears around the world.

Handsome Man has a soft romantic feel that isn't often captured in the hyper-masculine world of Bears

Accidental Bear is one of my daily go-to sites

Accidental Bear is one of my daily go-to sites

Mike Enders is the creator of Accidental Bear http://accidentalbear.com/ His personality touches every aspect of the site. His news coverage is relevant, the music selection provides visibility and access to LGBTQ artists, and the fashion section is unique and highlights designers often overlooked by the media. 

I love the Bathtub interviews. It would be great to host my own Bathtub interviews, however warm water, suds and underwater agitation might cause the yarn to felt.  

Thank you Accidental Bear for your daily inspiration.

Farrah Fawcett's iconic red bathing suit photo became the top selling poster in the world. Farrah Bear paying homage to the former Angel. 

Nustling my Bear Balls

Nustling my Bear Balls

I bought most of the yarn for this project at Rosehaven Yarn http://rosehavenyarn.com/ in Picton. It is not the closest store to the cabin, however it is worth the extra travel time. I chose Quince & Co's  Lark http://quinceandco.com/ because of the colours, texture and price point. I couldn't find a yellow with the right hue, so I used yarn that I dyed myself last fall, using onion skins. 

I designed a ball pattern, made several tweaks, and cranked out two balls. The project takes just a few hours. I got wrapped up in the Tour de France when I was making my first ball, and didn't realize that I had read the pattern from left to right instead of right to left. I have made several additional tweaks and will post the pattern next week. 

Sending love to all of the Bears and their admirers. Signing off with Tom Goss' Bear Anthem

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