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Morrissey Needs A New Spring Jumper

Morrissey is considering running for Mayor and doesn't have a decent Jumper to wear. 

The Animal Welfare Party has approached The Smith's former lead singer to run in the next Mayoral election.

The boy really needs our help. 

When I searched the web, I kept happening upon the same Flora Fibre Friendly Jumper. 

Time constraints might prevent him from knitting, so he may have to rely on a buck-toothed girl from Luxembourg or his fans.

Morrissey Friendly Fibre


  • Birch tree fibre = Modal, 
  • Wood pulp = Lycocell/Tencel, 
  • Flax = linen, 
  • Bamboo, Seacell, Cotton and Hemp


  • copper wiring, 
  • recycled guitar strings, 
  • a lock of hair from a buck-toothed girl from Luxembourg

The Tahki Stacy Charles Cotton Cabled Turtleneck Jumper is designed by Wallace Shaw and can be found for free at 


I Just Want To See The Boy Happy

I have one final dream

For my own life I don't care anything

And I just want to

I want to see this boy happy

In a new Jumper

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