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Outdoorsman inspired Jumpsuits

A Canadian boy who lives in a cabin and loves to knit has inspired the runways in Paris, New York and Milan. The Jumpsuit is making another comeback, thanks to Cabinboyknits. "I don't think it ever really left" said the Canadian outdoorsman. "It's like the  neighbour who stays around the cabin after too many beers and doesn't know when to leave".  My spring-weight Coverall is a staple on weekends around the Cabin. I wear it when felling trees, splitting wood, tapping Maples, mushroom hunting and dyeing yarn. His inspired look has already hit the streets of NY and has been embellished on the runway. 

Runway look inspired by Cabinboyknits.

Inspiring Street Chic

Johnny Deppish-like meets Cabinboyknits

Frog hunting inspired Onesie.

Runway look with front panel ventilation. Inspired by steamy July days at the Cabin.

Invisible sleeves and paint splat boots.

Missing: Cabinboyknits' Onesie and his bag of Merino yarn.

Missing: Cabinboyknits' Onesie and his bag of Baby Alpaca yarn

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