Goldenrod: Produces deep to pale yellows, yellow/olive green

Source: Backyard meadows, roadside, along forest paths

Goldenrod picked and used fresh in a dye-bath gives wool the brightest and deepest of yellows, rich and golden. And because of this richness, it is  great as an undercoat to over-dye, producing a vibrant and rich next colour of choice.

A flowering plant from the aster family, it is native to North America and Mexico. A few species originate in South America, Europe & Asia. Some American species were later introduced to other parts of the World. Bright yellow flowering heads bloom in late summer and early fall.

Often mistaken for ragweed, Goldenrod does not cause hayfever. Considered a weed in North America but in Europe it's a prized garden plant, attracting honey bees and butterflies.

The honey produced by goldenrod can be dark or light with a wonderful spicy taste. Also used in herbal medicine to cleanse the kidneys and bladder, fight bacterial infections, anti-inflammatory and boost the immune system. Native Americans traditionally chewed the leaves to relieve sore throats and the roots for toothaches.