Gotland sheep originate in Sweden on the small island of Gotland and date back to the Viking Era. Its fleece is prized world-wide for its fine and lustrous dense qualities.

The yarn knits into very light and delicate garments with a soft halo. Lambswool has between a 20-25 micron count. Often the curls are used to embellish trims. The distinctive curls are smooth and super-soft and a favourite of welters. It's also quite popular with spinners due to its 10-12 inch staples. It's a fantastic wool for sweaters, vests and jackets, hats & mittens but also for throws & rugs.

The fleece comes in a variety of beautiful greys; pale silver, rich blue-grey and warm charcoal to almost black. The varying greys and shades make for very creative natural colour palettes. It is also great for over-dying.

Gotland is a smaller breed of sheep, with no horns and very popular with small family farms in Canada. They are very adaptable, friendly and wonderful with children.Gotland

Photo from The Grey Sheep Company