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The Joy of Knitting

Knitting has become an important part of my life. It has introduced me to fantastic people all over the world and has pushed me into areas that I never thought were possible. I was a closeted knitting for a number of years leading up to my first Men's Knitting Retreat in Easton Mountain New York in 2012. The support, comradery and fellowship that takes place each (Cdn) May long weekend has left a significant imprint on me. It has opened up a chapter in my life that I never saw coming and has shaped the way I look at the world. 

I take my knitting bag with me most places. Each time I pull out my yarn and needles, it usually initiates inquisitive glances and occasional conversation. It is still unusual to see a guy knitting, however it is becoming less unusual. I am already seeing more guys out and proud with their yarn and needles. This year the Men's Spring Knitting Retreat sold out in one day, and a new Men's Retreat is kicking off it's debut in Guelph Ontario in April 2016. http://www.mensknittingretreat.com/ Both are great indicators to suggest that men's knitting is increasing in popularity. The Cabinboyknits blog is intended to accompany the reader on this journey.

Vithard (on the left), the Canadian, Claus, two new friends and the host Koushi Radhakrishnan the The Great Knit Off